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If there’s one thing that I wasn’t exactly sure about doing, it was making a recreation of a scene that fans have already witnessed. I was worried that some people would accuse me to being a hack, so I had to be very careful with what I had to recreate and what I had to change. Do I feel proud with the result? Honestly, I’m trying to figure that one as well. Am I relieved to get it out of the way as quickly as I could? Oh yes!

About This Chapter

Unlike Chapter 1, where it focused on introducing Fusa as a character and what her personality is like at the start, this is where we’re going to focus on how she handles odd jobs when given to her. What DiZ wanted to do was to test her skills now that the Dusk Nobodies are gone for now, something that’s going to come back later. These skills not only involve how she handles criticism, but also other people being nice to her as well. He even mentions this as “enrichment” for her, akin to zoos and how trainers will give animals activities for treats as part of enrichment. I would view this as a filler chapter, except there are a few concepts that are brought up: the first is that of the leak that Riku accidentally created when he took on Vivi’s form as a way to interact with Fusa, causing data of the Digital Twilight Town that Roxas is in to bleed into the one that Fusa is in as a glitch. This results in Fusa questioning as to who Roxas is despite never even meeting him. The second concept is that of what the Newborn Nobodies are like as DiZ described them as not too bright, but not too dim either.
This is also the first and only time where Fusa interacts with Riku (although she is unaware of this) as he was taking the form of Vivi in the world.
The end of the chapter also sought the first appearance of Axel as well, sent by Organization XIII to bring Roxas back to them. Of course, he’s also given an update about this Newborn Nobody as well.

This chapter takes place during Day 1 of Roxas’s time in his own Digital Twilight Town.

The Beach Trip That Almost Was

Like in “KHII”, a beach trip was planned out but never came into fruition. Whereas the excuse in “KHII” being that DiZ didn’t want to open up a new area at the risk of creating an exposed entrance for the Nobodies to try and get Roxas, the beach area for Fusa was actually created as part of her “enrichment” inside of her Digital Twilight Town. This was intended for her to not only get used to the sight of what would be outside of the town, but also to help improve her interactions around other people. Models of Hayner, Pence, and Olette, as well as some exclusive characters created specifically for the beach area, would have made an appearance along with what would have been a beach outfit for Fusa, as DiZ designed the beach outfit to be an old-timey swimsuit akin to the 1920’s to make her feel comfortable. As she has failed to reach to 5000 munny in doing odd jobs in the simulation, DiZ decided to go with an alternative and give her what the group made.

Little Touches

  • This is the first time where Fusa’s Heart powers are mentioned, though not outright stated. It would not be until Chapter 5 where this power is revealed and explained.
  • The scene where Axel makes his first appearance on top of the Twilight Town clock tower is based off of the Kingdom Hearts II manga, where he makes an early appearance there.
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