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While the previous chapter was the true beginning of the story, this chapter is the start of what I call the “tutorial” chapters- where Fusa gets to learn how to not only fight using the Keyblade, but also how to defend herself, what her powers are, etc. Not only that, but this is also when Yen Sid makes a reappearance and the rest of the Three Good Fairies (Flora and Fauna) from Sleeping Beauty (as Merryweather made a small cameo in the Prologue) make their proper debut. Having Yen Sid, a retired Keyblade master from his prime, be Fusa’s mentor for the story is important as he is, in canon of the Kingdom Hearts series, wise and strict but still compassionate. The way that both he and the Three Good Fairies treat Fusa is also important as well- in the Prologue Chapters, Fusa had been in an artificial world and interacting with artificial life until she was ripped out of it by someone that was willing to cause harm to her. In the Tutorial Chapters, however, this changes- now she’s in an organic world and interacting with organic life while under the protection of those that are on the side of Light. However, this is also the first time where we learn as to what Newborn Nobodies are, exactly.

About This Chapter

The chapter starts with Fusa, fresh off of the train (which disappeared at the end of the last chapter), arriving in front of the doors of the Mysterious Tower and thus greeted by the Three Good Fairies before being escorted to meet with Yen Sid. In Yen Sid’s study, he provides exposition to her about the Heartless, Nobodies, Newborn Nobodies, the Keyblade, and the element of Heart with the intention to be her teacher. It is here that Fusa (and to an extent, the readers) learns that there used to be many Newborn Nobodies in the past, but she is the only one to evade the eye of Organization XIII. Once she is ready, Fusa is then escorted by Merryweather to her temporary quarters in the Star Chamber, where she comes across a strange journal on the desk and puts it into her backpack, before being brought out by Flora into the Courtyard to get started on her fighting with the Keyblade. Yen Sid reveals to Fusa about the Health Orbs and Munny that are dropped with each defeat of an enemy as well as himself that he is a retired Keyblade master. Fusa also learns that her own Keyblade has a name- “Gentle Heart”- before wrapping up for now and returning into the Tower to having tea with the Three Good Fairies.
Elsewhere, in the real Twilight Town, DiZ receives news that Fusa made it to the care of Yen Sid.

Fusa’s Sacrificial Outfit

Okay, I must apologize for not talking about this one for the last chapter commentary, but I am going to anyway. In the last chapter, Fusa starts wearing her default outfit for the first time, which is called the “Sacrificial Outfit”. One of the most important things that I wanted to keep in mind when it came time to develop her character was to make her stand out from the usual Kingdom Hearts OC in fanfic, which happens to be what she wears. I had no intentions of putting her in a Black Cloak whatsoever, so I decided to design a new outfit for her. However, I had to tell myself to make the outfit practical and simple by Kingdom Hearts standards but nothing too stale. That meant that I had to avoid the overuse of belts and zippers that Nomura is famously fond of, but still reflective of the series. So I went with the Sacrificial Outfit- consisting only of a zipped-up hooded vest, capri pants, shoes, and a pair of cross-belts on the chest and two sets of bands on the wrists and above the elbows. The design of Fusa’s Sacrificial Outfit is reminescent of a Dusk Nobody’s design (making her a specific type of Newborn Nobody) and it’s also unisex, meaning that this type of design was worn by both male and female Newborn Nobodies of the past. Honestly, I’m proud of the design.

Little Touches

  • I’ve always imagined the Keyblade Star Seeker having been Yen Sid’s Keyblade first before he passed it down to King Mickey. Personal headcanon of mine, though I’m not sure if I am the only one that thought of it this way.

Date: 2017-04-27 08:19 pm (UTC)
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Yep, Nomura sure loves to use zippers and belts. I kinda like them too but...they can be a pain to draw.

One big reason why I had my OC's (Jason's) design as simple as possible-one belt and one zipper. The idea I went with was a simplified Classic Red Mage. The story behind Jason's clothes is that it actually IS a red mage outfit that belonged to his master (whom by the way was inspired by Ezio Auditore da Firenze), but Jason refused to wear the hat and cape.

I once read this bit of advice in a how to draw book back in high school and stuck with it: Make your hero the easiest character to draw, because you will be drawing them A LOT.

Date: 2017-04-28 01:46 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] chocoboscribe
And I'm planing on Jason having a costume change at some point. from the Red Mage style outfit to something more in line with the Kingdom Hearts outfit style. but keeping the same color scheme I made for him, so basically a modernized Red Mage.

It also helps the other part of my brain when I have a character who's going to be all rough and tumble fighting the bad guys. I need an outfit that is comfortable to move in, so practicality is king.

Date: 2017-04-28 06:26 pm (UTC)
chocoboscribe: Laughing myself silly (Laughing Face)
From: [personal profile] chocoboscribe
Well you didn't tell me what it looked like so I won't count it as a spoiler.


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