May. 4th, 2017

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Greeting, everyone at das_sporking! My name is babyrodent, or simply "Rodent" for short, and this is my sporking sample.


For those of you that might not know this, I have roots to the world of theatre more so than movies, books, and video games. My mom is a geek for Broadway productions, my older sister has a major in Theatre, and I'm a total nerd for theatre of all shapes and sizes. I've even been involved in a couple of theatrical productions and took a class on Theatre in my senior year of high school.


One show in particular is, of course, The Phantom of the Opera. *cue organ music* There, now the obligatory organ joke is out of the way.


Phantom has been a staple of my mom and older sister's lives as a prime example of what Broadway is like, given that it's the longest running show to this day. It was the first show that I got to see live when my mom, older sister, my grandma, and I went there back to New York in 2008 for Spring Break (while it was not the first Broadway show I've seen- that honor goes to The Lion King at the Pantages in Los Angeles- it was the first one I saw in its home of New York). Not only that, but we have the Playbill, the poster signed by the cast at the time, the original cast soundtrack, the mask, and even the movie version. And before anyone asks, I am aware that the movie is not the best, but I see it more as a guilty pleasure if anything.


Heck, back in November 2016 when my mom and I saw Doctor Strange in 3-D at the El Capitan Theatre, I even channeled the Opera Ghost by saying "Sing for me, my Angel of Music!" when the organ player performed the show's theme before the previews started.


It's also a safe bet that it introduced me to the original novel by Gaston Leroux as well as the 1925 silent movie from Universal Studios, the latter which I saw with my dad.


So why is all of this relevant? The answer: it's in regards to what I am going to be sporking right now.


This is a one-shot from by a phantomfan2, where it is titled "Tale of abuse and love", focused on the Phantom/Christine pairing, and rated "K". I'll get into that in a moment. It was published rather recently- specifically April 11th of this year- meaning that it's still fresh so to speak. Quick warning for late-arrival spoilers for those that have yet to see the original show or listen to the original soundtrack and for abuse.

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