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I’ve read somewhere that a prologue’s purpose is to bring in material that an author would use in the opening of the story as an out of time sequence with the rest of said story. However, it’s also a way to both establish the setting and the context as well. I know I could have made the prologue here simply “Chapter 1”, but that’s the thing: if there was anything that I didn’t want to do, it’s confuse the reader if I jumped in without looking in the water first. Believe it or not, the story had bit of a long history, so to speak.

Earliest Development & Retool

Believe it or not, I’ve had a hard time finding the right footing to make the story as believable as possible or at least told properly. In fact, earlier attempts at a “Kingdom Hearts” fanfiction were drastically different than the one that I came up with. The earliest attempt was that of a 1st person POV romance story where the protagonist, a Nobody version of a self-insert, falls in love with Axel of Organization XIII. Yes, I was a teenager at that time and well into my high school year. As you can imagine, I became (and still am, believe it or not) embarrassed by what could have been. Yet, in an odd way, it was also the first time where the concepts of Newborn Nobody, Heart powers, and the like came from. So when I returned to the story, I decided to retool it as an action-fantasy taking place in the 3rd person POV, but the concepts were preserved and eventually placed into the story with a bigger focus. The poorly disguised self-insert also went through major retooling as well, as she was originally a Newborn Nobody in Organization XIII in the earliest story itself that wield twin scimitars as her weapons (which tied into her original Element, which was Sand).

Then there was the development of the story itself. That’s when I decided to write down a few sentences as an idea of how to actually introduce the story properly. I tried doing a 1st person POV at the start, but then I realized that it doesn’t work well. So I figured that I would try a 3rd person POV instead, which actually worked better than I expected it.

About This Chapter

In the prologue of the story, there are things that are established: first off would be Yen Sid’s involvement in the story as he would be assigned to teach the “Newborn Nobody” that Mickey mentions in a letter to him. Next is Max Goof, Goofy’s son and here a Royal Knight of Disney Castle, and Gremlin Gus (of the abandoned The Gremlins Disney project and eventually Epic Mickey), a multitasking leader of his fellow Gremlins, Gummi pilot, technician, and journal writer of Disney Castle as well as their motivations on going on the journey. Then we go to Twilight Town in the Old Mansion where DiZ (aka Ansem the Wise– spoilers!) and Riku discuss not only Roxas’s whereabouts, but also the status of the Newborn Nobody. Finally, we get our first sample of the Newborn Nobody: our protagonist Fusa. I say “sample” as, unlike the rest of the story, she doesn’t do anything in the prologue.

Now with all of this in mind, this story does take place within the majority of “Kingdom Hearts II”, but for the prologue and Chapter 1, it’s close to the end of “Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days”. I forgot which day, per say, but definitely to the end of “358/2 Days”.

Characters Introduced

  • Max Goof: While the idea for Max Goof making an appearance in fanworks of the series is nothing new, nor is the idea of him using a Shield like his father as well, the challenge of actually putting Max in the story is actually what drives him to be in the story. Late into development of the prologue, which was in the wake of my dad’s own passing in May 2013, I decided to give him a motivation: he wants to bring his dad back home to Disney Castle. The reason why was that, pre-2012 me would be embarrassed by my dad’s own antics but I still cared about him much like how Max would feel embarrassed by Goofy’s antics but still care about him no matter what. Now hypothetically speaking, if Max was in the actual game series, what would Max go through as his father was asleep for a year? I figured that not only would Max miss his father, but also feel worried for his well-being as well, so he decides to go out to find Goofy even if he has to accompany someone else in the same time.
  • Gremlin Gus: Unlike Max, who wants to bring his father home, Gus has a different motivation– he wants to repay a debt to the King for saving him and his fellow kind from the Darkness as well as provide them a new home in Disney Castle. I’ve always had this idea that where, as the Heartless Invasion happened, Mickey would not just practice his power as Keyblade Master, but also practice his power as a king as well. So when the Gremlins lost their home in the invasion, he gave them a new home in the form of Disney Castle with a near-perfect replica of their Gremlin village in a large area of the actual World as a way for them to both start over and pick up where they left off. As a result of this act, Gus is thankful of the King’s actions and feels that he must repay Mickey for his kindness by going on the journey with the Newborn Nobody.

The Cutting Room Floor

Originally, I was going to extend Fusa’s scene a little further by having her feature a difficult time attempting to stand on her legs and taking her first steps before she woke up in the Digital Twilight Town. However, I realized that it would drag a little too long for the readers to handle, so it was scrapped. Maybe one day, it’ll make an appearance, but I make no promises.

Also, the scene where DiZ makes an appearance in the chapter was originally going to be the first scene and was written differently. However, this was changed to build up the reveal of Fusa, so the scenes with Yen Sid and Disney Castle were written to provide the build up.

Little Touches

  • This is the only time where Fusa, unnamed and non-speaking here, has her hair completely down instead of her now usual single braid as featured in the story. It’s also the first and only time where her own Dive to the Heart is featured, but not the way that you think it looks like.
  • Riku makes an appearance in the prologue in his blindfolded state like in “358/2 Days”, making this the only time that we get to see him in this state.


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